Deewee 003: Die Verboten - 2007
Year: 2015
Catalogue Nr: DEEWEE 003
Format: 2x12"

Press info:
This is the first album from Die Verboten, written and recorded in 2007, rediscovered and mixed in 2015. This LP consists of five tracks, Dafalganger, White Island, E40, Nacht Winkel and Aquarius.
It is the sound of classic German kosmiche, live drums, synths, percussion and a loose funk you only find in these kind of stretched fluid grooves. The album was produced by Die Verboten and recorded and mixed at Deewee.
Artwork is by Ill Studio / Fergadelic. Die Verboten's debut EP Live In Eivissa was released in 2009 via London's Vinyl Factory (now selling for over £100 on Discogs) and was recorded poolside in Ibiza.
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