Deewee 005: Untold Eivissa Flexi Disk
Year: 2015
Catalogue Nr: DEEWEE 005
Format: Flexi disk
  1. Interview with Faruk Gandji
  3. Ibiza in 2015 represents a myriad of both right and wrong. We mainly tend to hear about the wrong. For many people it has become the epitome of club culture gone mad but it actually holds a treasure of forgotten stories that show us a time where post-Franco freedom gave birth to an unmatched era of partying, creativity and style in the legendary KU club between 1981 and 1987, before the well documented arrival of the British Invasion who have subsequently changed and dominated Ibizan nightlife. As the first in a series of interviews, we sat down with FARUK GANDJI, one of the first party organisers on the island, a main player at KU, and of the last holders of the bastion of truth. Accompanied by a series of posters made by Ill Studio, inspired by magazines and paraphernalia of the time, we give you DEEWEE005.

Very limited flexi disc, sold at the Untold Eivissa exhibition, beween October 15 and November 11, 2015 at Scope Galery in Paris.
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