Deewee 028 - Sworn Virgins - 50 Dollar Bills
Year: 2018
Catalogue Nr: DEEWEE 028
Format: LP

Sworn Virgins is Mutado Pintado and Quinn Whalley.

Released on July 23, 2018. On Spotify, you can also listen to the demo version of Fifty Dollar Bills.

Sample taken from You Got The Floor by Arthur Adams, produced by Bernie Hamilton (who is credited on the cover of DEEWEE 028).

Painting by Hendrik Goltzius, 1616.

From the press release:
"From the green hills of Albania to the back rooms of New York City, Sworn Virgins bring the light. A stranger's hand on your shoulder, bright red painted fingernails scratching your thigh, all those beautiful things that made you leave that small town you came from. Greased up and ready to go, close your eyes and take it in."
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