Deewee 032 : Philippi & Rodrigo - Paciencia (album)
Year: 2019
Catalogue Nr: DEEWEE 032
Format: LP
  1. Magnetico
  2. Retrogrado
  3. Minas
  4. Karma
  5. Barbarella
  6. Rotina
  7. Face
  8. Paciencia

From the press release:

'Paciencia' is the Brazilian duo's 9-track debut album, recorded, produced and mixed at Studio DEEWEE. Boasting songs about the cosmos, relationships, nostalgia and signs of the Zodiac. The longplayer follows Phillipi & Rodrigo's single of the same name; released in November 2018 and will be available from 22nd February 2019 on all formats.

Described by David and Stephen as sounding "like Stereolab in 2019 singing in Portuguese while a Batucada band performs at a Brazilian beach techno party".

Recorded, produced and mixed at DEEWEE
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