Deewee 037: Laima - Disco Pregnancy
Year: 2020
Catalogue Nr: DEEWEE037
Format: 12"
  1. Disco Pregnancy (Tonal + Rhythmical)
  2. Home (Tonal + Rhythmical)

Laima announces the release of ‘Disco Pregnancy’, following on from her double-vinyl debut album ‘Home’, released by DEEWEE last November. A package featuring two records that are designed to be played simultaneously: Laima’s vocal and synth tracks on the ‘Tonal’ disc alongside Iggor’s beats on the ‘Rhythmical’ record. By syncing the two records listeners are offered an unconventional way to experience the music.

Now, ‘Disco Pregnancy’ will be released 6th March 2020 on vinyl, download and streaming services and for the first time features the combined Tonal + Rhythmical versions of album tracks ‘Disco Pregnancy’ and ‘Home’.

Recorded, Produced and Mixed at DEEWEE
Art Direction : Ill-Studio
Photography : Jorre Janssens
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