Deewee 066: Asa Moto - Down The Rabbit Hole
Year: 2023
Catalogue Nr: DEEWEE066
Format: K7

Asa Moto delivered an original soundtrack created exclusively for Benjamin Verdonck's captivating table theatre show, "Down The Rabbit Hole," hosted at Gent's prestigious CAMPO arts centre.
This immersive 33-minute soundscape, performed on March 23rd and 24th 2023 in Gent, seamlessly transports audiences into Verdonck's imaginative world.

The soundtrack is available on a limited edition cassette tape, preserving the essence of the performance for avid collectors and music enthusiasts alike. Every copy of the cassette comes with a unique download code sticker placed on the cellophane.

Art Direction by Ill-Studio Graphic Design by Thomas le Provost Show produced by Toneelhuis Photography: Kurt Van Der Elst from "Down The Rabbit Hole" by Benjamin Verdonck & Lucas van Haesbroeck
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