Year: 2011

The first time we spent some quality time on the island of Ibiza, we were appalled by the music blasting from every bar, shop, club and car stereo, which was such a shame because that place is so magical and special. So we decided to make our own soundtrack to the white island by burning these compilations of slightly darker electronic music from different eras with a similar sound and kept listening to them whilst driving around. This is the first hour in a series called Mehari, which is named after the car we think would be the ideal vehicle in which to drive around and listen to these mixes.

Instead of animating the record sleeves, we ran them through our amazing Fairlight CVI mixer, a rare and incredible video effects machine which turns everything into either video art, or an 80's music video, depends how you look at it, but goes perfectly with the music.

Concept: Soulwax and Kurt Augustyns
Editor: Kurt Augustyns
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