Under The Covers Volume 2
Year: 2011

We couldn't fit everything into one hour so here is the Rest Of the Best Of...

This tour took us all over the world, we played 130 UTC shows in 32 countries over a period of 2 years and it was also the starting point for RSWX. We made these animations especially for the live show and while some of them were made the day before the gig, sometimes it took us weeks to get an animation right. Using DVD's and DVJ players instead of CD's and CDJ players, we were manipulating the images you saw on the screen and the music at the same time.

Concept: Soulwax and Fergadelic
Editor: Kurt Augustyns
Animation: Michael Zauner, Lewis Kyle White, Bill Porter, Laurie Hill, Nuno Costa, Ed Suckling, Chris Walker, Karl Sadler, Glyn Peppiatt
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