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First clips from Belgica
David and Stephen are working on the soundtrack of Belgica, the new Felix van Groeningen movie. Most of the music scenes are shot by now, and here's a short video (in French) with Stephen.
All music in the movie is original, and composed by the Dewaeles though it will be played by new / fictional bands in the movie.
The move will be released in September 2015
The annual xmas-party of the Dewaeles will take place at Razzmatazz in Barcelona this year.

#lody2manydjs will see the return of the Under The Covers live show, and the line-up includes Tiga, Erol Alkan, The 2 Bears and many more.

Tickets for both dates, december 19 and 20, are now on sale.
Forum problems
There are some issues with the forum, which makes it impossible to post at this moment.

I've contacted my webhost so they can figure out what the problem is.

sorry for any inconvenience,
Kevin M

update: we're back!
Date: 2014-10-30
2manydjs in 808 movie
2manydjs will appear in an upcoming documentary movie called '808'.
It's all about the iconic drum machine made by Roland.

A first trailer was released, which mentions 2manydjs though they're not in this footage.

The movie and a soundtrack are scheduled for early 2015.
Date: 2014-10-30
Website of 808 The Move

Watch video
AHORS PT 2 video released
So here it is: the new (final?) hour on Radio Soulwax is an animation of the record that launched 2manydjs career over ten years ago.

As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt 2 is animated beautifully, a true work of art.

It's available on the Pitchfork website exclusively, but will be available on the radio soulwax website, app and vimeo channel soon.

Metronomy remix out today
The Soulwax remix of Metronomy's Love Letters was released today, on Recordstore Day.

The one sides 12" comes in a white paper sleeve with a sticker, has the Soulwax remix on one side and the Metronomy Love Letters logo etched on the flip side.
Date: 2014-04-19

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2manydjs gig cancelled after bomb threat
2manydjs had to cancel their gig at the Opera House in Cork.

The police received a phonecall in the afternoon, claiming there was a bomb hidden in the Opera House.

Nothing was found but for safety reasons the venue was closed down for the night.
Date: 2014-03-14
News article in the Irish Examiner
Metronomy - Love Letters (Soulwax Remix)
Hey you, what's that sound? It's the sound of a new Soulwax remix!

Dave and Steph have remixed 'Love Letters', the new single from Metronomy.

It's a great remix, with a hint of LCD Soundsystemd AND a trumpet solo!

No release date yet, but you can listen on repeat on the Metronomy Soundcloud page.

Update: the 12" will be released on Recordstore Day, April 19!
Despacio in London pt II
Despacio was back in London for a second series of shows. This time the soundsystem of Dave, Steph and James Murphy landed at the legendary Roundhouse in Camden.

The general theme was 'space' which included the largest disco ball I've ever seen, surrounded by planets, space blankets, austronaut's food and off course lots of great, great tunes.

Highlights were the new Soulwax remix of Metronomy's Love Letters and finishing both nights with the Soulwax edit of 'Major Tom'. This was an extended version of the edit you can hear in the 'Dave' Radio Soulwax hour.

After three great editions in Manchester, Hammersmith and Camden, Despacio is leaving the UK. Next up is Barcelona, where you can experience the Despacio Soundsystem at Sonar By Day.

Despacio in London
After its succesful debut at the Manchester International Festival this summer, 2manydjs and James Murphy are bringing their Despacio soundsystem to Londen.

On 19 and 20 December, you can experience Despacio at the Hammersmith Town Hall in London.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, November 1st.
2manydjs full set at Notfest
There are not a lot of full dj sets of 2manydjs going around at the moment, so It's nice to see this video of Dave & Steph at Notfest in Sicily.

This 2 hours set was recorded on August 14.
Soulwax FM in GTAV
If you're into Soulwax and the Grand Theft Auto games, you're in for a treat:

there's a 'Soulwax FM' channel available in Grand Theft Auto Five, which consists of songs selected by David and Stephen.

It includes a couple of unreleased Soulwax edits!

The game will hit the shops in September, but some of the development files have already leaked.

For a tracklisting of Soulwax FM, visit the forum.
Despacio interviews and reviews
James Murphy, Dave and Steph revealed their Despacio soundsystem at the Manchester International Festival.

Despacio consists of seven 50,000-watt, 11-foot tall speakers powered with McIntosh amplifiers.

The three nights at the MIF were fun, with great tunes and the best sound I've ever heard on a dancefloor.

Check out the interviews, reviews and videos on the right.
Soulwax remix Ego Troopers
Soulwax have remixed 'Her Pool Party' by Ego Troopers. There was no word of an official release, but you can download it at the Carlsberg website as part of the Unbottle Yourself campaign.

Check the link below and use the code ce0000

The remix has a slow groove, similar to the Pulp remix and it reminds me a bit of their work with Die Verboten.

The new Soulwax album
We know that for the last couple of months the guys have been working on the new Soulwax record in a London studio.

The big question is: how does it sound?
In an interview with The Skinny, Dave says:

"As for Soulwax, the direction we're going in is much more song-based; it's electronic, not like a rock band, but more it's listening music than 'club' music."

Sounds promising!
Despacio news
In two weeks time, David, Stephen and James Murphy are revealing their Despacio soundsystem at the Manchester International Festival.

More details about the soundsystem have been announced: James designed the soundsystem with legendary sound engineer John Klet. He was responsible for a lot of soundsystems in the 70s, in famous clubs like Studio 54.

The soundsystem will be powered by 40 McIntosh amplifiers - the brand is considered as one of the top brands by audiophiles.

More details and pictures at the Despacio facebook page or check the article with David on The Skinny.
Summer shows cancelled
Soulwax have decided to postpone their shows over the summer so they can get their new record properly finished and have it ready for release this autumn.

The band was already booked for several dates this summer, including Sonar in Barcelona and Pukkelpop in Belgium.
Date: 2013-05-13

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Pulp remix
A picture stating 'Pulp x Soulwax' mysteriously appeared on the Soulwax facebook page. As it turns out, Soulwax have remixed Pulp's single ''After You' and it will be a Recordstore Day exclusive 12" release.

So you know what to do on April 20th.

Update: check out the offical video with the track!
2manydjs x Carlsberg
2manydjs have designed a special can for Carslberg. It's a basic design, black with the white 2manydjs all over the bottle.

It will be available from May in selected Carlsberg pubs and supermarkets. According to a French website, 1 million bottles will be made.
Soulwax at Sound City Studios
As you might know, Dave Grohl has released a documentary about the Sound City Studios in LA.

If you haven't seen it yet, I can recommend it. Some legendary albums were recorded there like Rumours, Nevermind, ... and Soulwax' debut Leave The Story Untold!

For some unknown reason it's not mentioned in the documentary :)

There's some footage in the Belpop docu, where you can see the band and producer Chris Goss in this legendary studio.

More pics in the forum
A few sneaky videos of David, Stephen and James Murphy jamming in a London studio had surfaced in 2012, but we didn't know what they were up to.

Now there's a new project called 'Despacio': a custom built disco soundsystem designed by James Murphy.

Dave and Steph will join James and his 'Despacio' at the Manchester Internaional Festival in July. They will beplaying vinyl only all night, for three consecutive nights on July 18-20.

This was Soulwaxmas 2012
Soulwax and friends took their annual Soulwaxmas party to Manchester, Paris and London.

Besides Soulwax and 2manydjs, the other acts were Erol Alkan, Xavier de Rosnay (Justice), Ego Troopers, MIXHELL, Kindness, The 2 Bears, Mike Simonetti and James Murphy.

I was lucky to be part of the tour and saw some great performances. Soulwax had some new tunes (SWXM / Turn Off The Light) and Bent did a great job on his outer space Staccato drum kit.

The crowd at O2 Brixton Academy got to see 2manydjs behind their custom made dj booth. They ended their set with either 'Panic' by The Smiths or 'Christmas In Hollis' by Run DMC.

Check the aftermovies from Paris, Manchester and London.
Watch Belpop documentary
A one hour documentary on Soulwax and 2manydjs was aired on Belgian television.

The Belpop episode is a must see for every Soulwax fan, with great archive footage from the VRT (Belgian public television) vaults.

It includes footage from their first trip to LA in 1995, when the band recorded their debut album 'Leave The Story Untold' with Chris Goss and many more early tv performances.

The Soulwax story is told by Dave, Steph, Stefaan, drummers Piet and Steve, mum & dad Dewaele, producers Chris Goss, Dave Sardy and Flood, DJ's Tiga, Erol Alkan, David Guetta and Zane Lowe and PIAS boss Kenny Gates.

Thanks to forum member Jug, the youtube video has English subs.

update: the video was removed after a claim by Canvas, the broadcasting company.
Belpop trailer online
Belgian tv-channel Canvas is airing a 1 hour Belpop special on Soulwax on December 3rd.

Belpop takes a look at the beginning, how the brothers got introduced to music as a child thanks to their parents Jacky (aka Zaki radio dj) and Frida.

Obviously the special is in Dutch. You can now watch the trailer online
Dave now online!
At last, one can say, Radio Soulwax presents Dave is now online on the Radio Soulwax website, the vimeo channel and in the app.

Now everyone can enjoy this great mix of Bowie tunes and the brilliant performance of Belgian top model Hannelore Knuts.

2nd Soulwaxmas date in London
Big news about Soulwaxmas: for the third year in a row, the Friday night at O2 Academy Brixton has completely SOLD OUT!

Therefore a second night, on Saturday December 22, has been announced and tickets are on sale now.

The lineup on Friday is Soulwax, 2manydjs, Kindness, Erol Alkan, Mike Simonetti, MIXHELL and Ego Troopers. On Saturday the lineup is nearly identical, but instead of Mike Simonette the one and only James Murphy will be behind the decks!
Soulwaxmas Paris lineup
With the addition of Kindness, who will perform live, the lineup of Soulwaxmas in Paris is complete:

2manydjs (live), Soulwax (live), Xavier de Rosnay & Erol Alkan (back2back), Kindness (live), MIXHELL, Mike Simonetti (Italians Do It Better), Palmbomen (live), Ego Troopers.

3rd Dave trailer
The third, and probably last, trailer for the upcoming DAVE mix on Radio Soulwax has been uploaded.

DAVE will be available on Radio Soulwax from November 14.

The London premiere will take place on November 13 and you can win tickets and ask your questions to Dave and Steph. Check the 2manydjs facebook page for details.
2manydjs voted best belgian DJ ever
2manydjs has been voted Best Belgian DJ Ever by 15,694 Belgian clubbers and music lovers. The brothers will receive a special Red Bull Elektropedia Award on Saturday November 10 at this year's awards ceremony at Flanders Expo in Ghent.
2nd Dave trailer online
There's a new trailer to promote the upcoming DAVE hour on Radio Soulwax.

DAVE will be available online on November 14.
2manydjs meet Bowie
Back in 2003 David Bowie asked David and Stephen to join him on a French TV show. Bowie proved to be a big fan of the 'As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt II' album, and praised David and Stephen for their pioneer mashups.

Thanks to forum member Blofeld, who found the footage on Dailymotion.
Dave trailer online
Here is the DAVE trailer, the new Radio Soulwax film which will premiere at the Ghent International Film Festival on 18th October 2012.

DAVE is coming soon and will be available online November 14th 2012 on the Radio Soulwax app for iPhone/ipad and android.

DAVE features Hannelore Knuts (Dave), Sam Louwyck (William S. Burroughs), Bent Van Looy (The Scary Monster), Maarten Claeyssens (Iggy Pop), Jef Pereman (Ziggy Stardust), Nicolas Karakatsanis (Freddy Mercury).
Dave teaser
A first teaser for the long awaited Dave hour on Radio Soulwax shows Belgian model Hannelore Knuts... looking good so far!

Soulwaxmas Manchester lineup
The first lineup of the Soulwaxmas 2012 parties has been announced. Off course you'll get 2manydjs and Soulwax, plus Erol Alkan, MIXHELL, The 2 Bears and a dj set from Mike Simonetti (Italians Do It Better).

Tickets are on sale. This year Soulwaxmas takes place in Manchester, London and Paris.
Korea / Japan
Soulwax and 2manydjs have been on a short tour in Kora and Japan. There has been little fan footage on YouTube but some cool pics have been posted by the band and people who were at the show.

More pics on the Soulwax forum
Bent on drums
Here's some exciting news: Bent van Looy, from Belgian band Das Pop, is the new drummer for Soulwax!

Steve moved on to do new things, so Bent will join the band on their upcoming dates.

Bent and Soulwax go a long way back. David produced their first two singles, back in 1998. Ten years later, the Dewaeles produced their third album 'Das Pop'.
Soulwaxmas 2012 first dates
Summer's not over yet, but we're already looking forward to Christmas for the annual Soulwaxmas shows.

The first two dates have been announced: Soulwax, 2MANYDJS and friends will play at The Warehouse Project in Manchester on December 13 and at the O2 Brixton Academy in London on December 21.

Tickets will go on sale on August 3rd. More info on or the soulwaxmas facebook page.
Synrise (Soulwax remix) out now
GOOSE have released a 12" picture disc of Synrise - including Storm Thorgerson's epic artwork and an exclusive Soulwax remix.

2ManyDJs have been playing the remix in their sets for a couple of months now but it never got a proper release - until now.

The picture disc will be available exclusively at the Storm Thorgerson exhibition in Ostend (Belgium) on June 21, but it will be available in shops on the 25th.
In the studio
Dave and Steph have spend some time with James Murphy in a London studio.
Thanks to a sneaky studio technician, we can have a peek at what they've been up to....
Happy Recordstore Day!
The 2manydjs 2xLP will be available in selected shops today. As you know, it's a very limited run so be there on time and don't miss out!
Soulwax on 60 Minutes
The well known show '60 Minutes' on CBS ran a story on the Art Basel fair in Miami.

Soulwax played a live show at the fair, and some images and sounds of their live set was used in this video. Forward to the last minute to see the band play.
Arcade Fire remix on YouTube
The full version of the Arcade Fire remix has been posted to the Soulwax YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, there is no release date yet.
Gabriel (Soulwax Remix) now available
The Soulwax remix of Gabriel by Joe Goddard ft Valentina is now available on mp3 and limited 12".

If you buy the 12", you get the mp3's for free at the Surus website.
The remix is also available on iTunes and Spotify.
Arcade Fire remix
For those of you who got the clues in the 'mystery hour' trailer, yes, Soulwax have remixed 'Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)' by Arcade Fire.

You can watch part of the remix at the end of the Under The Covers Volume 3 hour.

BBC Radio DJ Zane Low was the first to play the track on the radio. This radio rip can be heard on YouTube.

There's no official release date yet.
Under The Covers Volume 3
The 'mystery' hour has been released: Radio Soulwax Presents Under The Covers Volume 3.

In their own words:

"The third leg in a trilogy of hours that contain animations we made for our Under The Covers live DJ show, this one is decidedly more danceable. It mainly consists of a recent releases and has a few exclusive unreleased tracks in there, with some classics thrown in for good measure.

We start out with Saam Farahmand's amazing trailer for RSWX called "Machine" which was a joy to play in front of big audiences if only to see people's reactions on their faces, and continue onwards with what is possibly the most party-friendly show on RSWX yet.

This mix contains quite a few Belgian tracks, and only one animation that was made for a specific market, see if you can guess which one it is."
Radio Soulwax presents ? (Mystery Hour)
Yes, a new hour of Radio Soulwax will be released this Monday!

Dubbed 'the mystery hour' you'll have to wait to know what that's all about..

and what about that great track used in the trailer ;)
Gabriel (Soulwax remix) out on April 2nd
Good news!

The Soulwax remix of Gabriel, by Joe Goddard, will be released on April 2nd.

The track will get a digital and a physical (12") release.
Date: 2012-03-15

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Stubru radio show
To celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary of 'As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt 2' Belgian radio station Studio Brussels are broadcasting live from the Soulwax studios tonight (March 15).

You can tune into 'Sound Of Sam' at 6 pm CET on
Colette Carnaval
If you happen to be in Paris this weekend, grab yourself a copy of the very limited 'As Heard On Radio Soulwax Part 2' double LP at the Colette Carnaval.

Dave and Stephen will be there on Sunday, March 11, to sign your copy.


they're not selling the LP there, but there giving away a signed copy each hour at the Radio Soulwax stand.
Gabriel (Soulwax remix) on Soundcloud
While there's still no official release date, the Soulwax remix of 'Gabriel' by Joe Goddard has been leaked on the net.

There's a complete version on Soundcloud. So have a listen and tell us what you think about it on the forum!
Merch updated
The merch page on has been updated.

You can now buy the Belgians Do It Better shirts, Radio Soulwax mug and more.
2manydjs on LP
Well, what's this? As Heard On Radio Soulwax Part 2 on vinyl?

It's been ten years since the release of this legendary mix, but it has never been available on LP.

This picture was taken last nite at PIAS Nites in Brussels and was for sale at the PIAS shop.

It's a limited run of 2000 copies and was sold exclusively at PIAS Nites. But it will also be available in Europe on Recordstore Day (April 21)
First Soulwax date of 2012 announced
The first Soulwax live date of 2012 has been announced. The band will play on the main stage of Bestival on September 7.

2manydjs will also perform a live set at Bestival, which we can't call 'Under The Covers' anymore. So who knows what the new live show will look like?
Gabriel (Soulwax remix) preview
While we wait for news on an official release, you can listen to this extended preview of Gabriel (Soulwax remix) on Soundcloud.

This a rip from a recent radiobroadcast of a dj mix by 2 Bears, featuring Joe Goddard.
Final UTC shows
2manydjs.. HERE WE GO! For more than two years David and Stephen have been performing their Under The Covers live show all over the world, closing the gap between DJs and VJs.
We saw lots of amazing visuals, from the obvious Soulwax hits Standing In The Way Of Control and Kids to great mashups of Guns n Roses vs Mr Oizo vs Queen. And off course the endings with Nirvana / Sonic Youth, Joy Division and Soulwaxmas Christmas tunes.
But now it looks like the brothers are ready to move along. They have announced that they will do two more of the UTC live shows this year. On February 17, they are playing at the PIAS label night in Brussels and it is clear that this will be the last chance for Belgian fans to see them perform Under The Covers. The final show will take place in Miami.
Now on vimeo: D&S CO
You can now watch 'Radio Soulwax presents D&S CO' on the Radio Soulwax vimeo channel.

Now on vimeo: UTC Pt 2
Radio Soulwax presents Under The Covers Volume 2 has been added to the Radio Soulwax Vimeo channel.

So this means you don't need the Android or iPhone / iPad app to watch it on demand. Also, it's available in HD quality.
Dave in 1993
So... I got hold of some very old interviews with Soulwax in Belgian newspapers and magazines, some dating back to 1995.

And I read that Dave and Steph were once filmed in a Dutch documentary on a band called 'Raging Slab'

and behold: it's on YouTube!
Watch the video to see some shots from Dave enjoying himself at the Raging Slab concert in De Melkweg (Amsterdam) in 1993!
New releases on
It's been a while since the latest physical release containing Soulwax music or a Soulwax remix, so I haven't found a lot of new stuff in past couple of months.

The most peculiar item I recently purchased is a Japanese promo K7 with the Any Minute Now album. Besides their first demo, there has never been a Soulwax release on a K7, which makes it even more special.

Speaking of demos, forum member Alex has posted the artwork of the very first Soulwax demo tape. It's called 'Finga In Tha Jar'. Details in the discography section.

Do you have any Soulwax or 2manydjs release that is missing from this site? Or are you looking for a rare release?
Don't hesitate to contact me!
New on vimeo: AXE ATTACK
While we are eagerly waiting for the release of 'Dave' on Radio Soulwax, you can now enjoy 'Radio Soulwax presents AXE ATTACK' on the Radio Soulwax vimeo channel.

The advantage of putting the hours on vimeo is that you can watch them on demand the web and not only in the app. Plus it's easier to share or embed the videos on your website or facebook wall.
SWXMS Paris live sets
Two official Soulwaxmas aftermovies have been published, but off course there is more to be found on YouTube.

YouTube user 'Kidwar2205' has uploaded the entire sets of Soulwax and 2manydjs at SWXMS Paris. The video and audio quality is decent, so enjoy it while you can!

The Electronic Battle Weapons website has stitched the audio from the Soulwax movies together, and put it up for download.
Soulwax talk suits on
GQ has published an article with Soulwax about their tailor made suits by Cafe Costumes.


"We've been wearing tuxedos onstage for ten years. Now it feels like a second skin. When you look back at the footage of us performing, you can only tell the date by the lights. "

"We once did a gig dressed as women. That was a huge faux pas. Stephen doesn't look good as a woman."
New remixes: Goose and Joe Goddard
It's been a while since Soulwax last remix got a release (Best In The Class by Late Of The Pier), but recently the guys made two new remixes: 'Synrise' by Goose and 'Gabriel' by Joe Goddard.

At this point I don't know if or when these will get an official release, so you'll have to do with videos from 2manydjs playing these tracks at their recent shows.
Soulwaxmas 2012: Paris / Hasselt
This is the second movie Kurt Augustyns and I made at Soulwaxmas in Paris and Hasselt.

The crowd in Paris was definitely the craziest I've seen in a long time. Such an enthousiasm for all the djs and a wild pit during the shows of Soulwax and 2manydjs. Respect!

Though there were less people in Hasselt compared to 2010, the people who were there were definitely in the mood for a good party! Belgians do it better...
Soulwaxmas 2012: London
Just like last year, I was privileged to join Soulwax on their annual Soulwaxmas tour.

Together with Kurt Augustyns, who's also the editor of Part Of The Weekend Never Dies, I ran around the stage and venue to capture the amazing performances and crazy people who turned up to enjoy the annual xmas party.

Click on the right to see the video we made in London: Soulwaxmas - Two Nights At The O2 Brixton Academy
Happy 2012!
Happy New Year to everyone!
Let's hope for lots of new soulwax tracks and remixes this year...